REVIEW: Two Door Cinema Club – “Beacon”

[September 4th 2012 – Glassnote Records // Find it at: iTunes | Insound]


There are British rock groups that create their own indentation and there are others that slowly fade away. Luckily, Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club are the ones who breathe innovation and stay close to their roots as their sophomore effort for Glassnote Records stuns with several shades of full-bodied indie work rather than dull, played-out contemporaries. On Beacon, the trio show enough maturity to chew on but the other hue to the record is a bit more deafening. There’s throbbing alt jams (“Handshake”), out-of-the-box dance funk (“Sun”) and straightforward guitar pop that bites with vintage soul before gripping the collar (“Wake Up”). It’s these kinds of recordings that make “complete” records and Two Door Cinema Club seize this due to Alex Trimble’s resounding confidence, Kevin Baird’s rich bass tones and Sam Halliday’s tendency to make a guitar line naturally melt, warp, illuminate and roar without warning. Beacon has an endearing quality to lose you due to the record’s blinding emphasis on an original sound but when the trio riot with their chemistry on tracks like “Settle” and “Someday”, they prove they belong next to the Keanes and the Blurs. They’re more than FM-ready with their sights on tearing open a new blistering form of ingenuity, it’s just dependent on how deep listeners will ultimately fall into their brightly tinted indie pop setting.

Download: “Someday”, “Wake Up”, “Settle”, “Spring”

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