REVIEW: Seapony – “Falling”

[September 11th 2012 – Hardly Art // Find it at: iTunes | Insound]


For the Seattle trio, torching minimalist pop with sunset-tripping guitars isn’t just a niche, it’s also an unconscious release tapping into a side of indie that’s quietly disarming. On Falling, Seapony share the same fundamentals of their debut, but every bashful rhythm is now sharpened and filtered throughout songs to extend naturally progressive rock tunes. More rigid material, like “Outside” and “What You Wanted” act as smooth cuts of lo-fi without being pretentious and when the album lets loose, vocalist Jen Weidl surfs over complexions of relationships that are accurately represented by zoned out bass (“Follow”), jittery guitars (“Prove To Me”) and scratchy blasts of ’60s pop (“Sunlight”). In its moments of weakness, Falling does stall because of predictability but only because when Seapony drift off into a deeper state of ecstasy, like they do on “Fall Apart”, the encounter is too memorable to brush aside. Melodies being finely-tuned is one thing, but when they become audible and painlessly cut through to the emotions you develop and feel on the inside, there’s really no conceivable way for them to voluntarily escape.

Download: “No One Will”, “Outside”, “Fall Apart”

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