REVIEW: Departures – “Still And Moving Lines”

[October 9th 2012 – Borana Records // Find it at: Bandcamp | Facebook]


Hidden behind a thick wall of experimentals with hard and soft edges, Departures’ Still And Moving Lines is an intuitive portrait of how an alternative sound can flex, injure and paralyze and still be convincingly dreamy. The record’s most animated moments slip off into a world of grimed-out post-punk (“Winter Friend”) but the dynamic here is the album’s beauty is strung together from picturesque songs divided by nature. Lead track “Pillars” is tightly looped with twitchy guitars before it collapses into a warm broadcast of heartbreak, while “Being There” shatters into a script of sharpened fuzz, something “Contempt” does way too well during the album’s closing moments while swallowing indie pop whole. Coming from Winnipeg, the five-piece immortalize Still And Moving Lines as a piece of work you’d expect to dig up from the archives because of post-rock hints (“Cartwright, MB”), sun-kissed bitterness (“Swimming”) and fifty shades of Sister. Between daydreams and sonic assaults, Departures strum like old souls.

Download: “Pillars”, “Left You Here”, “Swimming”

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