REVIEW: Trash Talk – “119”

[October 9th 2012 – Odd Future Records // Find it at: iTunes | Insound]


On the group’s fourth full-length, the Sacramento punk thrashers show they’re finished throwing the kitchen sink at anyone who will listen. And it’s all for good measure as through its paralysing make-up, 119 dangles you over the vertical side of 12-foot quarter-pipe before letting you go to endure a faceful of crippling aggression. In 22 minutes, Trash Talk ghost stoner metal with sincerity (“Reasons”), drop kick mouths with conflicted noise freak outs (“Fuck Nostalgia”, “Dogman”) and even stare at a new chapter with “Blossom & Burn” and its cameos by labelmates Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats. Most of the record’s muscle however is fostered by the four-piece’s intent to re-write physics with a lung-crushing pace, where guitars shed teeth (“Exile On Broadway”), percussion gets strategically reckless (“F.E.B.N.”) and underlining rhythms clip joints with ease (“My Rules”). Between “Apathy” and a hard place, avid skater/frontman Lee Spielman is still an epidemic with the mic in his hand and though 119 is a pretty short-lived tease to the ear, it’s a bleeding caricature of how hardcore can be coloured in with precision and dexterity.

Download: “Apathy”, “Uncivil Disobedience”, “Thanks, But No Thanks”

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