The Top 50 Albums Of 2012

If you’ve come to the conclusion that 2012 was a terrible year for albums, then there may be something seriously wrong with you. The past 12 months have exposed a whole new side to music, one that’s changed the way listeners receive full-length efforts and has even convinced us not to overlook an emerging musician and his Tumblr sounds. 250+ records later, here is a list of our Top 50 albums that includes deranged punk outcasts, bits of shotgun-riding alternative, transfixing indie pop ballads and a few classic shades of tireless hip hop. Most critics aren’t this diverse and when it’s all said and done, we’re really just a bunch of music addicts that like to yell like hell to the heavens.

Make sure to head over to Soundcloud to stream a 50-track set from our picks below.



  • imveryape says:

    Good on ya for waiting for Big Boi’s album to be released. Great choices here. It is great to see Yeasayer and Cloud Nothings on the list Correct me if I’m wrong, but is there no Fiona on the list? No love for the Idler Wheel?

  • Good choices, Frank’s album was incredible this year-have you listened to the Weeknd? I put him top of my albums from this year, he’s pretty similar to Mr. Ocean.

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