Review: Bleached – “Ride Your Heart”



Ride Your Heart

Dead Oceans – April 2nd 2013
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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If garage killed the surf rock buzz, the Clavin sisters are most certainly reviving and refining it with Go-Gos tees and bubblegum guitar pop. Their 7″ records kept rock enthusiasts on their toes and now Bleached’s debut, Ride Your Heart, writes off any suspicion, splitting feelings with tightly-wound guitars, flirtatious hooks and head-bobbing bass. It’s just here, the group give their talent a megaphone to overlap the “Dude, is this love?” themes. Much of the album drops into bruising admissions and if anyone’s ever compared Jennifer Clavin to Joey Ramone, they’re not wrong to have done so; she locks into melodies that are hard to mimic (“Love Spells”, “Guy Like You”), and whereas “Next Stop” and “Waiting By The Telephone” get playful, others tease until they kiss off with ambitious shredding (“When I Was Yours”). At their core, Bleached’s pop blowouts cruise with desire and retro-minded versatility.

Listen: “Love Spells”, “When I Was Yours”, “Guy Like You” || Watch: “Next Stop”

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