Review: Paramore – “Paramore”




Warner Bros. – April 9th 2013
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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Over the course of three albums, Paramore have wounded with upstart punk, slashed at the pop charts and even worn their emotions on their sleeves, and now with their self-titled, they’ve found clarity. The most unpredictable moments on Paramore are almost too odd to leave their wallflower moulds – what with gospel choirs (“Ain’t It Fun”) and ’90s pop (“Still Into You”) – yet they find a way to co-exist with everything else including Hayley Williams’ new found confidence in being a role model for versatility. If she’s not revving up playful choruses (“Daydreaming”), she’s directing soft rock ballads (“Hate To See Your Heart Break”), and if she’s not getting cozy with garage (“Anklebiters”), she’s making the best of an almost perfect situation on a Weezer-like confession (“(One Of Those) Crazy Girls”). It takes guts, not glory, to be expansive and it takes heart to say you’re “riding the future” and actually mean it. Luckily for Paramore, they’ve found one that’s worth looking forward to, and though it may not be everyone, finding a way to roll with the punches and brush off adversity is a challenge they’ve easily crushed with camaraderie.

Listen: “Last Hope”, “(One Of Those) Crazy Girls”, “Future”, “Part II”|| Watch: “Now”

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  • Jozlyn B. says:

    You’re right this is a pretty awesome album. It’s different than any other Paramore album, and I will admit I had to listen to it a few times before I fully appreciated it. But man now as I listen to it, it’s a pretty sweet album.

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