40 Must-Haves For Record Store Day 2013

Turning six this Saturday, the annual shindig known as RECORD STORE DAY is set to raid independent record stores once again. It’s just this time, artists and labels aren’t kidding around. Special releases range from cassettes to chess sets and even add to the discographies of MGMT, David Bowie and Public Enemy. Since the master list of releases is almost like an index of new addictions, we’ve weeded out the 40 best pieces of vinyl to grab on the morn of April 20th. Just note: every store has their own selection with some LPs being limited and even region specific.

Participating stores in Toronto include Sonic Boom, Soundscapes, Rotate This, Sunrise Records, Kops Records, Vortex Records and Penguin Music. For a full list of outlets in various cities, visit Record Store Day’s official website.

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