Video: Miguel – “How Many Drinks?”

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t kidding about MIGUEL. The 27-year-old sensation has become an influential breakthrough, so much to the point that inviting KENDRICK LAMAR to star in his new video just made sense. While Miguel holds it down, “How Many Drinks?” watches the two brush each other’s shoulders off with a little bit of comedy. There are some awkward wardrobe choices and a heavy helping of intoxicating light work, but it all gels to keep it PG and cool.

Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream is in stores everywhere via Sony/RCA

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  • Brayo says:

    Kendrick is short as hell lol. For some reason I like the original one with miguel only, cz of the part he goes “I ain’t judging if you do decide that you might be fucking tonight.”

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