Going Live: Paramore

Is anyone more energetic than Hayley Williams? On a dreary Monday night in Toronto, KITTEN’s Chloe Chaidez made her case, intriguing onlookers with her supporting crew and an array of edgy guitars/electronics while giving the atmosphere the bite it needed. The mic was eventually passed on to the night’s headliner and it became pretty clear that PARAMORE’s charisma is still nearly impossible to imitate. The punk-gone-everything outfit blasted through all four albums – including seven songs off of their self-titled disc – and Williams headbanged and skanked through gritty rock gems (“Renegade”, “Anklebiters”) and the odd burst of honesty (“Proof”). Even though it’s been nearly four years since Paramore last visited the city, the trio felt at home, pushing new boundaries more than ever.

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