Going Live: BOY

Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass are diligent and remarkable musicians in their own right, but when they mesh to perform as BOY, the folk pop duo make every song of theirs sound like a viral hit. They have a history with Toronto – given their short/sweet sets at The Dakota Tavern and Yonge Street’s HMV spot back in March – and their gig at The Great Hall this past Thursday wound up being a stunning affair. It stretched out a palette of soft-spoken guitar rock, politely opening up comparisons to Feist and Cat Power while letting recordings like “Little Numbers” and “Drive Darling” blossom with their own journal-like sincerity. For moments at a time, the Swiss/German twosome uprooted organic pop, and for Boy, punchy melodies are a good thing when they hit an audience like a freight train.

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