Review: Dead Gaze – “Dead Gaze”



Dead Gaze
Dead Gaze

Fat Cat Records – May 21st 2013
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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Indie kids with pumped-up kicks will obviously put Dead Gaze on blast as it pictures a homebody that listens to Wavves way too much, but if you don’t know the difference between a Fat Cat and a Fat Possum, then you’ll find a way to embrace R. Cole Furlow’s melodic wit. The Mississippian drowns his scrappy debut with recorded do-overs from his early Dead Gaze days, and does so with a versatile backdrop of Americana, fuzz mines and distorted chord pop. As the moniker suggests, the album lives in its own isolation and Furlow’s cool with that. His talent gets lost in thick clouds of noise on occassion (“Back And Forth”) but it lies in the way he amplifies his words and emotions with woozy rip-makers (“This Big World”) and warbled vocal joints (“Glory Days For Sure”). Somehow, he creatively makes Dead Gaze an inventive breakout record without the cheese, plunging unhinged riffery into the ether.

Listen: “You’ll Carry On Real Nice”, “Fight Til It’s Dead”, “A Simple Man” || Watch: “I Found The Ending”

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