Lil Dicky: Your New Favourite Suburban Rapper

Lil DickyLil Dicky has done it again. If you thought it was going to be tough to outdo the viral video for “Ex-Boyfriend”, then you have got to check out “White Dude”, Dicky’s ode to being a rich, white suburban male. Let’s face it, he’s certainly glad to be who he is – a Drake-worshipping Philly rapper who “could have been a girl or any ethnicity up in the world” – and he manages to explain why in a way where the comedic value overshadows any potential for offense.

If you know who Lil Dicky is, you’re aware that his songs are funny, but they’re taken to a whole ‘notha level when a music video drops. Most MCs just deck themselves out in bling, ride around in Bugattis, and get some girls in bikinis to dance by a pool, film it, and call it an MTV-worthy music video. Dicky skips out on the bling and subs in priceless facial expressions, dance moves, and a bit of fast food as he peppers the whole hip hop thing with hilarious culturally relevant metaphors. As soon as you’re finished giggling, you’re left wondering, “Is this guy for real?”.

The initial reaction may be to assume his whole concept of hip hop is some type of spoof, but you’re wrong. Dicky is probably just like your best dude, except people actually want to listen to his flow. He cleverly raps about normal relatable stuff, like penis insecurity, trying to bang his (hot) girlfriend, hanging with his crew, getting faded in his car, eating cheesecake and taking naps. Not to mention, Dicky’s spent some time between the sheets with Melissa Soria – a 25-year-old model who’s appeared in not one but five Playboy features, including being the cover model for the “Sexy Girls Next Door” March 2012 issue. I’m not even a dude and I definitely want to hang out with him.

In a genre that’s so over-saturated with Internet sensationalism and do-it-yourself gangsters, it’s rare to find an artist who stands apart from the rest. No, it’s not because he’s a white dude (remember Macklemore?), but Dicky’s clever, witty, and I can actually understand what he’s talking about (most of the time). He made one song, everyone loved it, and now he has an entire 17-track mixtape¬†that’s not so hard to fall in love with.

Three videos deep, no wonder LD keeps saying, “It’s a damn good day to be a white dude”.

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