Review: Twin Peaks – “Sunken”



Twin Peaks

Autumn Tone Records – July 9th 2013
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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Out of their jam space, Chicago’s Twin Peaks are rock and roll dudes that debate McDonald’s prices and if they can hit on Debbie Harry, but with instruments in their hand, they melt a pocketful of styles and sync them to perfection. That ability is what precisely makes Sunken an imposing debut. 19-year-old college dropouts, Cadien Lake James, Clay Frankel, Connor Brodner, and Jack Dolan decapitate garage fuzz and blues-popping alternative, while baring teeth at David Lynch comparisons and shredding numbers that reflect Let It Bloom, Watch Me Fall and Kinda Kinks. Their reissue for Autumn Tone is only a mere eight tracks, but their palette is a 20-hour road trip with the world’s greatest rock station blasting at full volume. Every song chews on an educated ear, pushing and shoving through chilled pop jangles (“Baby Blue”, “Natural Villain”), tight punk grooves (“Fast Eddie”) and orchestrated splashes of dreamy alt smoothness (“Ocean Blue”). It’s obvious Twin Peaks still have some growing to do, but at the rate they surf through their material, Sunken is another fully-formed record that wants to be worn out in every which way.

Listen: “Ocean Blue”, “Irene”, “Out Of Commission”, “Baby Blue” || Watch: “Fast Eddie”

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