Going Live: Weezer, Passion Pit

With Toronto being the outright victim of one hot Canadian summer, Downsview Park established a near perfect atmosphere for taking in a beatdown of music. Openers METZ and PASSION PIT roared to life like true rock stars, with the noise rock trio carving through sensible headbangers before the other erupted with a set that brilliantly closed with “Sleepyhead”, but WEEZER’s appearance was the cherry on the proverbial sundae. The alt pop icons opened with underrated bites of nostalgia (“Pork And Beans”, “Perfect Situation”, “Hash Pipe”) and by the ten track mark, they broke off and reconvened to split The Blue Album down the middle. It’s rare to see a band ricochet with such poise and energy, especially as they revisit a 1994 debut front to back, but Weezer did it. And hearing every massive chorus and resonating power pop riff added to why people attend concerts. Check out our photos below.

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