10 Must-Hear Artists At Pitchfork Music Fest 2013

Pitchfork Music Fest 2013For the first time ever, we’ll be decked out in knock-off shades and flip flops in Chicago, Illinois to cover this year’s PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL. It’s a trek from the Great White North but Pitchfork’s annual marriage of sound is an eclectic atom bomb. This year sticks indie pop players (Glass Candy, Chairlift) next to a couple unorthodox MCs (Tree, Lil B) and the weirdest trio of headliners you’ll ever see (Bjork, R. Kelly, Belle & Sebastian), but what’s to hate? Nothing, that’s what. We’re spinning Chocolate Factory and stretching to hit a few mosh pits, and as your official guide for this July weekend, here’s 10 Must-Hear Artists To Check Out At Pitchfork Music Fest (excluding R. Kelly).

For a list of artists, set times, and how you can see “Ignition” live, head over to the festival’s website.

TRASH TALK || FRIDAY JULY 19TH, 4:15PM (BLUE STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

Lee Spielman and company aren’t quitters. Since 2010, they’ve handled every scenario they’ve been put in with care, cracking skulls with their take on hardcore that goes hand in hand with Deathwish fans, nollies and Vespa gangs.


MAC DEMARCO || FRIDAY JULY 19TH, 4:35PM (GREEN STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

Even if you’re not a fan of strummers such as Kurt Vile, Mac’s songs will always find a way to seduce you. He’s like your friend who’s also your dealer, introducing you to new things and leaving you to wallow in the ecstasy of it all.


MIKAL CRONIN || FRIDAY JULY 19TH, 6:15PM (BLUE STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

Having performed alongside Ty Segall and friends at last year’s festival, the 27-year-old is a veteran of sorts, and that’s a plus as Cronin’s new solo record MCII flips between delicate melodies and fuzz pedals to keep you tuned in.


WHITE LUNG || SATURDAY JULY 20TH, 1:00PM (GREEN STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

It’s been 15 months since the release of Sorry, but the Vancouver foursome can still rip your earlobes off and drag your face across two-minute firestorms. Start your Saturday with their set and throw Impress Nails at the stage.


PISSED JEANS || SATURDAY JULY 20TH, 1:45PM (RED STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

In need of embracing adult angst? The Allentown, PA noise outfit tend to get perv-y with volume, giving you songs that hiss, convulse, and take an aluminium bat to every other song stuck in your head. It’s rough stuff but a live treat.


RUSTIE || SATURDAY JULY 20TH, 8:45PM (BLUE STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

According to Pitchfork, listening to the Glaswegian producer will make you feel alive, but as Europeans will tell you, he manifests memories without feeding you too much “wob wob”. If you can, drop the vegan snacks and join in.


KILLER MIKE & EL-P || SUNDAY JULY 21ST, 2:30PM/3:20PM (GREEN/RED STAGES) || Official Store

We’re cheating here as the two rap moguls are doing solo shows but let’s get real – you know there’s going to be some Run The Jewels moments that “moonwalk through flames”. Their joint tour has been killin’ it so jewel up.


WAXAHATCHEE || SUNDAY JULY 21ST, 3:45PM (BLUE STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

The Alabama songwriter has drifted between acts – King Everything, Bad Banana, The Ackleys and P.S. Eliot – but Katie Crutchfield is sworn to her latest endeavour that shrinks reality with new recordings that explode and sever.


SKY FERREIRA || SUNDAY JULY 21ST, 4:45PM (BLUE STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

Reppin’ Los Angeles, Sky has pushed back her new album for a “huge opportunity to make something better”, but it doesn’t mean she’s faded on stage. “Sad Dream” is devastating and “You’re Not The One” is a blitz of perfection.


M.I.A. || SUNDAY JULY 21ST, 7:25PM (RED STAGE) || iTunes | Insound

“Galang”, “Bucky Done Gun”, “Boyz”, “Paper Planes”, “Swagga Like Us”, “Born Free”, “XXXO” and “Bad Girls”. Throw in Maya’s romp “Bring The Noize”, and this Sunday will be the best Sunday you’ve ever had while (maybe) being sober.

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