Review: Destruction Unit – “Deep Trip”



Destruction Unit
Deep Trip

Sacred Bones Records – August 20th 2013
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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If the world ever comes to an end, you can expect Destruction Unit to soundtrack the end of humanity. Their name suits any demise, they’re from Arizona, and like the ensemble have admitted, they “play loud rock music”. Deep Trip enunciates that last part like a spelling bee champion and in a retina-splitting way: scrappy velocities, venomous tones, and grimy, existential layers that strip alternative clean and turn it into a dirty word. Devoted fans will preach the decade-long Book of Ryan Rousseau, but this generation of the band has turned a snarl into a thrashing.

“The World On Drugs” and “Slow Death Sounds” liberate hell and ringing attacks of sonic rage while at a collective 11:43, “Bumpy Road” and “Final Flight” shed Destruction Unit’s spacey skin. Guitars and percussion simmer, disregard thoughts, come to a boil and puncture – something “Control The Light” achieves, but in just two minutes flat while magnifying a downpour of energy that mutates into a swirling riff and cuts without remorse. With pedal-friendly songwriters studying the elements to Wipers and Mission Of Burma, Deep Trip favours a more direct approach that lets expressionism and the aesthetic of music collide before translating into a wall of noise or a piece of percussion that can rupture a lung. It’s the only style D-Unit promote and it’s what makes them delightfully terrifying.

Listen: “God Trip”, “The Holy Ghost”, “The World On Drugs” || Watch: “Night Loner”

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