Review: King Krule – “6 Feet Beneath The Moon”



King Krule
6 Feet Beneath The Moon

True Panther Sounds – August 24th 2013
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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Even in the black-and-white brilliance behind 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, King Krule – aka Archy Marshall – finds himself slouched back on his own podium. He’s not being arrogant or doing his best Morrissey impression, it’s just the context of his official debut is custom-made. The 19-year-old sketches street-smart beats (“Foreign 2”), new gen jazz joints (“A Lizard State”) and odes to previous rock eras (“The Krockadile”), but the stark naked bits turn his sneers and musings into dimly lit confessionals. For Krule, it’s almost as if he’s serenading himself in a sonically bare k-hole and then you trace the guitars in “Ocean Bed” and “Has This Hit?”, and instantly feel drawn to the stripped down grime. It’s an incomplete attraction – one that mostly exemplifies the woe, disgust and kindness in Krule’s bark while he turns scribbles into lyrical narratives. In retrospect, he’s slowly burning his old work with a lighter and at the same time, letting 6 Feet Beneath drift around your head, singeing used memories until he’s ready to plug in.

Listen: “Has This Hit?”, “Out Getting Ribs”, “Neptune Estate”, “Baby Blue” || Watch: “Easy Easy”

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