Watch El-P Make A Beat Out Of Three Random Records

Give EL-P some Modelo beers and a pack of cigarettes, and you’re bound to witness something special. On Mass Appeal’s latest installment of “Rhythm Roulette”, the mag recruited the Brooklyn producer to hit up a local record store and pick out a couple of titles – Leon Haywood’s I’m Out To Catch, Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy In C Minor and Theo Vaness’ Back To Music – to construct a beat. Because its El, he one-upped the craft by using a broken sampler.

If you don’t believe us, you can watch the video above and try to figure out which MC would fit the finished product. In case you were out of touch with the world, you can also grab El-P and Killer Mike’s Run The Jewels album here and get it on limited edition vinyl via Fool’s Gold. We’d go with the latter because Nick Gazin’s art is just awesome.

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  • Ben Marcus says:

    Dope! It’s really cool to see inside his studio and his process. I wasn’t expecting so much outboard gear. Thought he could have done more with the Beethoven though.

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