Review: Balance And Composure – “The Things We Think We’re Missing”



Balance And Composure
The Things We Think We’re Missing

No Sleep Records – September 10th 2013
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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Balance And Composure have always circled around a bracing strain of emo/punk, but the dishevelled side to their alternative patchwork is what makes their songs a little more jarring. Gut it from the inside out and you’ll find that The Things We Think We’re Missing is confessional, jumping over girlfriend-baiting hooks in favour of head-gnawing rock that points towards Mineral, Jawbreaker, and The Get Up Kids (circa Four Minute Mile). Without warning, the band have leaned on subtle pop ethics to construct a record that’s equally abrasive and precise, and that minor tweak/application is what makes these songs swell and explode like shrapnel inside of a closed elevator.

“Parachutes” and “Notice Me” burn through narrative-like fretplay while adopting an edge; “When I Come Undone” blitzes out on pure reflection; and “Back Of Your Head” and “Keepsake” toy with poignant transitions that give light to the Word Of The Day: cohesion. As much as Jon Simmons’ driving lyricism outlines the work of Jeremy Enigk and Geoff Rickly, Balance And Composure have evolved to the point where they can make a richer-than-you-expect sound melancholic, brilliant, and oddly underrated. There’s a lot to dig up on The Things We Think We’re Missing – including a band that’s confronting maturity – and because of its relevancy, it’s designed to leave a cathartic taste in your mouth that’s parallel to your favourite records. In this case, that most certainly counts Deja Entendu.

Listen: “I’m Swimming”, “Parachutes”, “Dirty Head”, “When I Come Undone” || Watch: “Reflection”

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