Going Live: Deerhunter, Marnie Stern

Describing it is nearly impossible, but there’s an impenetrable sense of attraction to DEERHUNTER. Bradford Cox’s outfit returned to Toronto with a sold-out gig at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, and while MARNIE STERN opened with a heart-spinning set few guitarists could really match, the band won everyone over with – wait for it – charm. Beers flowed, high heels clicked, and all anyone could do for the span of 15 songs was fall for the band on stage that casually tore through a Monomania-heavy set with “Earthquake”, “Don’t Cry”, and “Desire Lines” skirting around it.

It’s the kind of display you’d expect from a headliner but hearing “Dream Captain” and “Back To The Middle” in person reinforced chemistry that was angular yet natural. With this lineup, Deerhunter will likely continue to be a band that reinvents its snarl rather than dial up the past, and to be honest, it fits. Check out our photos from the show below.



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