Watch Kanye West’s BBC Interview With Zane Lowe

Kanye West - BBC One InterviewMake no mistake, KANYE WEST’s four-part interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe is full of memes, incredible analogies, and candid-as-candid-can-be moments, but even through the references to Gaga and Wreck-It Ralph, it’s some serious insight into Yeezy’s mindset. Dare we say it, the chat shows a side of Yeezus that’s really hard to take in all at once. We’ve seen it through his dinners with Drake and that video for “Otis”, but yes, Mr. West is human.

He’s just frustrated. And all of his frustrations come to light as he talks to Zane Lowe, feeding Tumblr GIF after GIF while also making the interview seem like a feel-good episode of How To Make It In America. You’ve probably heard all of the one-liners already but make sure to watch the full interview below and check out the routing for Yeezy’s upcoming tour with Kendrick Lamar. And to think – “Blood On The Leaves” could have been the opener to Yeezus.

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