Going Live: Title Fight, Slingshot Dakota

Whether Pitchforkers like them or not, Kingston, PA’s TITLE FIGHT know how to dismember you at a live show. The four-piece have a proven record up north and their return to Toronto’s Mod Club resurrected their 2010 intro at the venue that featured Senses Fail, Bayside, and current tourmates Balance And Composure. Minus B&C but next to Maine punks CRUEL HAND and Topshelf’s SLINGSHOT DAKOTA, Title Fight turned a Floral Green-heavy set into an emotional rollercoaster chock full of stabbing hooks, pit cleansing, and a comforting amount of stage dives. And oh, they closed with a one-two-three of “Symmetry”, “Lefty”, and “Secret Society”, which added a new meaning to “shedding skin”. Check out our photos and grab music via SideOneDummy, Topshelf Records, and All In Merch.




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