Going Live: Tennis, ON AN ON

The incredible double bill of TENNIS and ON AN ON made their way to Toronto (November 10th) and promptly remodeled The Garrison with blissful guitar work, irresistible keyboards, and an assault of hooks. It was like popping two tabs of indie-powered ecstasy because in the thick of it all, it became super hard not to fall in love with every sound. On An On’s sonic palette was a thing of daydreams as the group explored their Give In LP and Tennis clocked in some major minutes with one of the best sets of the year. The Denver ensemble delved deep into a recital that shifted seamlessly between Cape DoryYoung & Old, and four songs from their new EP (including “Timothy”) before patching it all together with the one-two of “Seafarer” and “High Road”. Critics be damned, 2014 will be Tennis’ year.

Make sure to grab On An On’s Give In via their website and pick up a copy of Tennis’ Small Sound EP here



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