The Best Music Videos Of 2013

Tyler The Creator - IFHYThough it seems like an eternity ago, MTV was a hub for music videos in the 1990s’. They bombarded the pre-Internet era with a culture that willingly reinvented itself – adopting and modernizing “weird” artists, falling in love with turntables, and even referencing music to Leo Tolstoy. Then came Ashton Kutcher and his brigade of reality wannabes. Making The Band and Viva La Bam are still timeless but trading John Norris for Engaged And Underage is like Jay Z abandoning Beyoncé for Lohan – that shit is just morally wrong. And to set the record straight – John Norris is a fucking legend. 

Nonetheless, music seems to be getting the last laugh because while networks blindly scavenge for ratings, artists are hitting the Internet from behind. In 2013 alone, Jay released “A Performance Art Film”, Bob Dylan turned “Like A Rolling Stone” into an interactive masterpiece, and Tyler, The Creator spent almost a year searching for the perfect model to help him bring Wolf to life. Sure, a YouTube fiend’s diet consists of “trolln u rly hrd bae” but you have to give it up for today’s creative directors – Nabil, Hiro Murai, Ryan Baxley, Joe Stakun, Grant Singer, and Ryan Russell have continued to feed the medium, making you wonder if 2014 will truly revolutionize what we click, watch, and share. With that, we give you The Top Music Videos Of 2013


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