Watch The 15-Minute Doc “Her: Love In The Modern Age”

Her - Love In The Modern WorldIn support of Spike Jonze’s Her and its “themes of connection and meaningful communication in the age of internet supremacy”, The Creators Project teamed up with film guy Lance Bangs to create Her: Love In The Modern World. The 15-minute documentary/short compiles a number of interviews with celebrities, creatives, and even musicians (James Murphy, Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry), and focuses on their experiences with love and its relationship with technology. As Bangs puts it, “I wanted to make a short film about intimacy, loneliness, and heartache.¬†Something about relationships and what they are. What makes them work or fail, and where we might be headed in the future”.

Watch the doc below and make sure to dig deeper into the world of Spike Jonze’s Her via The Creators Project

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