Review: Warpaint – “Warpaint”



Rough Trade – January 21st 2014
By Joshua Khan (@blaremag)
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Warpaint resurrects everything there is to love about the L.A. four-piece but it’s unfair to categorize it as a replica of 2010’s The Fool. The group’s latest is stitched with a different pattern, scorching their commercial hip factor with a “dark sensuality” that lures you in with electronic drives, defined guitar jabs, and a playful menace – like Hail To The Thief on molly. It’s become Warpaint’s best work and not solely because of Jenny Lee Lindberg’s bass work which is constantly rummaging up similarities to Colin Greenwood (see “Hi”). The entire band pull you into their atmosphere while they pummel you with a collective pulse that emphasizes Stella Mozgawa’s restless vigor (“Keep It Healthy”), Theresa Wayman’s subduing voice (“Love Is To Die”), and songs that gently leave a paralyzing kiss (“Teese”, “Son”). The girls are still trying to discover their own Five-Point-Palm Exploding Heart technique, but their refined accuracy and cohesion is enough to dim the lights around you and make your heart “dance above the clouds”.

Listen: “Teese”, “Hi”, “Feeling Alright”, “Disco // Very” || Watch: “Love Is To Die”

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