Going Live: Balance And Composure

Balance And Composure-1You have to hand it to BALANCE AND COMPOSURE. The Doylestown outfit have some cojones for doing a five-date tour run in the middle of Canada’s latest nature freak out, especially in places such as Quebec City and Buffalo, NY (it counts). We already knew their quick stop at Ottawa’s Ritual Nightclub (January 17th) would be a short flash of bliss but somehow their mettle turned their entire set into a Shangri-La that can leave permanent brain damage. It was a bit Separation-heavy and in a teasing way, tracks like “Reflection”, “Parachutes”, and “Tiny Raindrop” felt parallel to the songs you grew up with – the ones that would grip the collar of your t-shirt and slowly gut you from the inside. It’s no wonder the fivesome often gets compared to Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate, but as they showed to a small venue 400 miles away from home, their work is a bit more potent. Check out our photos of the night below.

Balance And Composure’s must-hear album The Things We Think We’re Missing is out now on No Sleep Records

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