10 Artists Nardwuar Should Interview At SXSW 2014

NardwuarIt really isn’t hard to single out an adjective that accurately describes NARDWUAR THE HUMAN SERVIETTE. Weird, stylish, creepy, and ridiculous have all been said before and they all have strong ties to the word “ingenious” thanks to the Vancouver native’s irregular approach to journalism. Unlike Internet bloggers, Nardwuar tags high and low – asking questions that never get asked while digging up unusual facts that are hard to replicate. His delivery is impeccable and more often than not, he strives to present a discussion that’s worth watching two or three times (see: Earl SweatshirtSnoop, Kitty, FIDLAR, and Questlove). With the Nard heading down to the city of Austin, we decided to put together a list of artists that he should interview at SXSW 2014. Hate it or love it, it’s got potential.

To catch up on all things Nardwuar, check out his latest interviews via his YouTube channel and IAMOTHER.

This is an underdog pick but a good one considering the first CLOUD NOTHINGS record came out in 2009. There’s some serious growth between “Hey Cool Kid” and “Psychic Trauma” and the band’s upcoming LP deserves nothing less than four stars or 8.7 stage dives. Seriously. It’ll make you want to headbutt every fire hydrant you come across.

Some aren’t cool with CHILDISH GAMBINO but it’ll at least prove the Chief Keef “Back & Forth” wasn’t his fault.

Question: Why has this not happened yet? Answer: Because an interview with ST. VINCENT might break NPR and Pitchfork at the same time while simultaneously forcing Buzzfeed Editors to do a play-by-play with photos of dogs.

IGGY AZALEA works because the Aussie’s set to shine in due time. Her bit could also feature a cameo from T.I. or the multi-talented Charli XCX and it would be a massive intro into her long-awaited debut The New Classic.

Sorry but not sorry, the punk realm needs this. The realm needs to be reminded of why AGAINST ME! are icons.

FLOSSTRADAMUS dig weed, fashion, and the unorthodox. Plus, have you heard their new single”? It is nast-ay.

Not a lot of SCHOOLBOY Q fans know the words to “Gangsta” or “Blind Threats” yet and it really is a God damn shame. A Nardwuar one-on-one with Q would be a seminar on L.A. rap and it would feature at least one hat segue.

FUTURE has some history in the studio and this one’s for all the G’s and L’s that need to get tucked in after dark.

Pharrell was a great counter to Nardwuar’s encyclopedia brain but Keith Morris would become his nemesis. It also doesn’t hurt that OFF! have an astounding sense of humor that translates pretty well to the YouTube screen.

It’s been three years since OF met Nardwuar and that was the last time we saw TYLER, THE CREATOR at SXSW. MellowHype and Earl also got their own interviews in 2013 so it only makes sense to do a reunion and create a less awkward insight into Tyler’s eclectic taste. Hopefully it’d lead to Nardwuar appearing in Loiter Squad. Hopefully.


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