Review: Bleeding Rainbow – “Interrupt”


Bleeding Rainbow

Kanine Records – February 25th 2014
By Jamie Manelis (@JamieManelis)
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Bleeding Rainbow sure have the whole punk/shoegaze thing down. Originally comprised of only vocalist/bassist Sarah Everton and guitarist Rob Garcia, the Philadelphia foursome have evolved into an unstoppable force of angry dance music as shown on their latest record, Interrupt. It instantly grabs your ADHD three-second attention span with pacing drum work and super sharp riffage, and the album’s opening bit, “Time & Place”, proves Interrupt might as well replace your Adderall prescription. Unruly yet focused, each song packs its own individual punch and blends together as one cohesive unit, turning Bleeding Rainbow into the younger sister My Bloody Valentine never had.

Essentially, it’s a sequel to Loveless where you can keep looking cool while stand-dancing and bobbing your head or you can plunge into the crowd with a DGAF attitude and lose control of your limbs BECAUSE THE ’80S WILL NEVER LEAVE, IT’S ALL OKAY. Everton adds to it all with shrilling yet harmonious vocals that paint strokes of post-punk on a psychedelic canvas and Garcia’s equally intriguing voice adds coherent streaks to this dark Jackson Pollock. Although the duo go solo on most of Interrupt, their voices have a way of colliding and complimenting each other with pieces such as “Tell Me” and “Dead Head”. They’re short bursts but they do force you to fully appreciate their artistic accord.

Listen: “Images”, “Phase”, “Monochrome”, “Out Of Line” || Watch: “So You Know (dir. Japhy Riddle)”

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