Going Live: Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino-1Donald Glover is a creative type that will always draw an audience wherever he goes. He proved that when he was doing promo last year for his latest CHILDISH GAMBINO album, Because The Internet, and he continued to rally crowds in Austin, Texas, earlier this month with the lines for his shows upstaging anything by Pandora, Amazon, and Tumblr. His sold-out headlining gig at Toronto’s Sound Academy (March 24th) didn’t falter either but it showcased an artist that’s still poking music’s standards and for better, not worse. Gambino’s set was dimly lit, oddly cryptic, and centered on his sophomore effort while his encore rummaged through Culdesac, Royalty, and Camp. It was the polar opposite of what popularizes MTV brand bands and as a longtime fan, it was hard not to applaud the revolt.

Childish Gambino’s understated record Because The Internet is available in stores now via Universal/Glassnote

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