Going Live: Dum Dum Girls, Blouse

Dum Dum Girls-1This past Saturday (March 29th), L.A.’s DUM DUM GIRLS returned to Toronto for yet another night at Lee’s Palace and as expected, it was spellbinding in a number of ways. Dee Dee and her girls thrive on intimacy (remember their El Mocambo show?) and their newly revised setlist abided by that, focusing on the intricacies of Too True while keeping oldies on hand (“Bedroom Eyes”, “I Will Be”, “I Got Nothing”). It also showcased a rare display of confidence which was accentuated by fashion statements and Dee Dee’s voice, which cascaded between levels and eventually blossomed towards the peak of “Coming Down”. Sure, we’ve seen this all before from Dum Dum Girls, but next to Portland’s BLOUSE – who also flirted with every corner of indie pop – they found a way to make everything perfect.

Dum Dum Girls Too True is out on Sub Pop Records while Blouse’s Imperium can be found via Captured Tracks









Dum Dum Girls-2

Dum Dum Girls-3

Dum Dum Girls-4

Dum Dum Girls-5

Dum Dum Girls-6

Dum Dum Girls-7

Dum Dum Girls-8

Dum Dum Girls-9

Dum Dum Girls-10

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