Going Live: La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth

La Dispute-1LA DISPUTE don’t really need an introduction. Since Vancouver, the Michigan quintet have tailored their handmade version of post-hardcore/alternative to the point that it’s grown limbs and held conversations with listeners from across the Midwest and beyond. The same can be said for both Seattle’s MANSIONS and Baltimore’s PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH – two bands who have solidified polarizing sounds by letting emotions unravel – and that really set the stage for the trio’s recent tour stop at Toronto’s Opera House (April 7th). Christopher Browder and Robin Dove retraced Doom Loop‘s personal highs; Pianos’ distorted ferocity rarely took a breather or a step back; and La Dispute did what they do best and flowed through a 17-song setlist that would make some record labels cry.

It’s just what La Dispute does best now truly is a pinnacle of their career. Somewhere At The Bottom and Wildlife were albums that tinkered with being obtrusive with narratives but Rooms Of The House staggers in its own gear. It’s a demanding record and seeing the group perform the new material (“Woman (In Mirror)”, “THE CHILD WE LOST 1963”, “First Reactions After Falling Through The Ice”) openly declared that it’s also a fearless display of art. Some will argue that but there’s a lot to uncover if you give your undivided attention. Check out our photos of the night below.










Pianos Become The Teeth-1

Pianos Become The Teeth-2

Pianos Become The Teeth-3

Pianos Become The Teeth-4

Pianos Become The Teeth-5

Pianos Become The Teeth-6

Pianos Become The Teeth-7


La Dispute-2

La Dispute-3

La Dispute-4

La Dispute-5

La Dispute-6

La Dispute-7

La Dispute-8

La Dispute-9

La Dispute-10

La Dispute-11

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