Going Live: No Age (CMW 2014)

No Age-1For almost ten years, L.A.’s NO AGE have been overthrowing boundaries and gracefully binging on an experimental strain of alternative that literally feels like “flesh-ripping noise punk”. Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt’s sound has without a doubt changed since Get Hurt and Weirdo Rippers but even in the age of “Sad Kanye West”, the pair are still up for a set that feels 110% DIY. The band’s first of two outings at Toronto’s CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK took place at Hard Luck Bar (Friday, May 9th), a cozier setting that ultimately made every riff and kit bash grow arms and punch everyone in the face. Records like An Object and Everything In Between have a habit of doing that to you at a rando house party or on a bus but reliving it up-close is indescribable. Mainly because No Age are gifted dudes.

Check out Katie Maz’s photos of the band and grab No Age’s latest LP over at Sub Pop’s fancy new Mega Mart

No Age-2

No Age-3

No Age-4

No Age-5

No Age-6

No Age-7

No Age-8

No Age-9

No Age-10

No Age-11

No Age-12

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