Going Live: Young Widows

Young Widows-1To help you paint a picture, Louisville, Kentucky’s YOUNG WIDOWS are pros at persuading you to headbang until a) a nosebleed occurs, or b) the lights go out. They’re specialists when it comes to both and the same can be said for their records – including Old Wounds, In And Out Of Youth And Lightness, and this month’s Easy Pain – but live, they’re a different beast. The noise rock trio occupied Toronto’s Hard Luck Bar on Saturday (May 17th) and sludged it up, dipping into distortion, reverb, and laced bits of post-punk only to thumb through an archive of heart-pounding volumes. To be quick about it: things get loud at a Young Widows gig and more often than not you’ll find someone staring at the Jurassic Park-like ripples in their double scotch. Amanda Fotes was on-site and her photos are below.

Young Widows’ Easy Pain is out now via Temporary Residence – watch their set at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus here

Young Widows-2

Young Widows-3

Young Widows-4

Young Widows-5

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