Photos: Arctic Monkeys And White Denim At Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre

Arctic Monkeys-1Whether we like it or not, much of alternative has become dependent on reunions, anniversaries, and the bittersweet nature of nostalgia. If we’re not bowing down to how raw Superunknown really was in 1994, then we’re giving some praise to a band that can sort of pull off a commendable gig without dislocating something. Luckily, we’re fortunate to have bands like the ARCTIC MONKEYS. The Sheffield four-piece rarely need an intro to consistency – a trait they’ve easily defined over the past eight years and yet they’re only in their late ’20s – and their headliner at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre provided a pretty good explanation. The 16,000 cap venue was sold out. They locked in Austin, TX’s WHITE DENIM as a formidable and über-talented opener. Their AM-heavy set managed to include tracks from Suck It And See, Humbug, and Favourite Worst Nightmare. And for one, they were never bored (or boring) as they simply fell in sync, tacked on a few theatrics, and reminded everyone of what it was like to fall in love with the Arctic Monkeys for the first time. If you weren’t there, then you should know it’s like kissing a stranger after last call. Check out our photos below via Jeff Filman.


White Denim-1

White Denim-2

White Denim-3

White Denim-4

White Denim-5

White Denim-6

White Denim-7


Arctic Monkeys-2

Arctic Monkeys-3

Arctic Monkeys-4

Arctic Monkeys-5

Arctic Monkeys-6

Arctic Monkeys-7

Arctic Monkeys-8

Arctic Monkeys-12

Arctic Monkeys-9

Arctic Monkeys-10

Arctic Monkeys-11

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