Going Live: White Lung

White Lung-1It doesn’t really matter how you paint it: WHITE LUNG are a “no bullshit” band. Jumping from DIY to a record label like Domino seems easy/painless/practical, but the Vancouver outfit have notably fucked with every venue and city that resides on North American soil. Subsequently, the road has sharpened their edges and their Sunday night gig in Toronto (June 29th) penned a pretty deafening statement as the mildly-enthused crowd at The Garrison was offset by a thrashing of old and new material. Guitarist Kenneth William was rupturing limbs with riff after riff, Anne-Marie Vassiliou was relentless behind her kit, and if Mish Way wasn’t being an incomparable vocalist that could rip your throat out, Hether Fortune’s intimidating poise was likely thrusting your skull into submission. Fact #1: White Lung have matured into an authoritative force on the live stage. Fact #2: Just wait until the concert halls get bigger.

White Lung’s third effort Deep Fantasy is available now on CD, LP, and iTunes via Domino Recording Co.

White Lung-2

White Lung-3

White Lung-4

White Lung-5

White Lung-6

White Lung-7

White Lung-8

White Lung-9

White Lung-10

White Lung-11

White Lung-12

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