Going Live: Say Anything, The Front Bottoms

Say Anything-1Is there anyone that’s as creative and compelling as SAY ANYTHING? Since the beginning of time – or at least since Is A Real Boy – Max Bemis has allowed his project to snap barriers in half while turning songwriting into an art form, embracing “punk”, and testing the beauty of a collaboration. The band has never been a stranger to the latter and with Fred Mascherino (ex-Taking Back Sunday), Greg Dunn (ex-Moving Mountains), Kenny Bridges (Moneen), Reed Murray (Carrollhood), and Garron DuPree, they’ve managed to piece together one hell of a live spectacle.

The group’s stop at The Opera House in Toronto (July 5th) felt like any other Say Anything show – electric, nostalgic, awe-inspiring – but it was a humbling experience to see the collective rip through Hebrews and a immense catalog while having fun. Not many bands do that and next to up-and-comers like YOU BLEW IT!, THE SO SO GLOS, and THE FRONT BOTTOMS, it’s a truly irreplaceable tour. Click here for dates and check out Chris Payne’s sets below.


The Front Bottoms-1

The Front Bottoms-2

The Front Bottoms-3

The Front Bottoms-4

The Front Bottoms-5

The Front Bottoms-6

The Front Bottoms-7

The Front Bottoms-8

The Front Bottoms-9

The Front Bottoms-10

The Front Bottoms-11


Say Anything-2

Say Anything-3

Say Anything-4

Say Anything-5

Say Anything-6

Say Anything-7

Say Anything-8

Say Anything-9

Say Anything-10

Say Anything-11

Say Anything-12

Say Anything-13

Say Anything-14

Say Anything-15

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