Photos: Beach House at Lee’s Palace

Beach House-1It’s been quite some time since Baltimore, MD’s BEACH HOUSE unveiled Bloom to the masses but rest assured, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally are still pros at engineering a mesmerizing performance. The duo recently made the trip to Toronto to dream pop the hell out of Lee’s Palace for two sold-out nights (October 3rd & 4th) and their ability to drench every note in a hazy afterglow of ecstasy was in full effect. Numbers such as “Wild”, “Lazuli”, and “Zebra” shimmered in the dark and even as Legrand and Scally expanded to a full band, cuts like “Master Of None” and “Silver Soul” were poignant reminders of the pair’s beloved connection to hip-hop (The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar). Photog Hannah Jor was in attendance and as you’ll see below, Beach House’s live set really is an incomparable treat.

Beach House-2

Beach House-3

Beach House-4

Beach House-5

Beach House-6

Beach House-7

Beach House-8

Beach House-9

Beach House-10

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