Photos: Bombay Bicycle Club at The Opera House

Bombay Bicycle Club-1

Are you down with BBC? Well, you should be. BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB’s So Long, See You Tomorrow is a sleeper hit for 2014 – if you like combustible alt rock that isn’t afraid to indie it up in a weird Pro Tools way – and that record’s confidence has become evident on stage. The group’s current run with MILO GREENE swerved over to The Opera House last Thursday (Oct. 16th) and aside from being their most intimate headliner in Toronto, it saw Jack Steadman and co. rip through everything – including “Overdone”, “Rinse Me Down”, “Lights Out, Words Gone”,  and three tracks off of I Had The Blues. Photographer Josh Mahoney was onsite for the well-lit affair and you can find his stills below.


Milo Greene-1

Milo Greene-2

Milo Greene-3

Milo Greene-4

Milo Greene-5

Milo Greene-6


Bombay Bicycle Club-2

Bombay Bicycle Club-3

Bombay Bicycle Club-4

Bombay Bicycle Club-5

Bombay Bicycle Club-6

Bombay Bicycle Club-7

Bombay Bicycle Club-8

Bombay Bicycle Club-9

Bombay Bicycle Club-10

Bombay Bicycle Club-11

Bombay Bicycle Club-12

Bombay Bicycle Club-13

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