Photos: Damien Rice at Danforth Music Hall

Damien Rice-1

Making up for a tour while previewing another, Irish troubadour DAMIEN RICE recently made a trip to Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall (November 18th) and it was everything and more. The singer-songwriter reacquainted himself through fan-driven harmonies and amusing stage banter, but the apex of his 15-track showing was the vast amount of intimacy that occupied the room. From “The Professor & La Fille Danse” to “Trusty And True”, Rice’s dimly lit set felt more like a Tiny Desk concert as he pieced together “9 Crimes” and “Delicate”, reintroduced “Coconut Skins”, and graciously showed off the softer side of his new album (“The Greatest Bastard”, “Colour Me In”). The whole thing came crashing down on everyone’s heart valves as a few classic gems also said “hello” and as anyone would tell you, it’s those moments in time that make Rice’s music timeless. Check out our live stills below via Hannah Jor.

Damien Rice’s new album My Favourite Faded Fantasy is out now on CD/LP/iTunes via Warner Bros.

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