Photos: Zola Jesus, Deradoorian at The Horseshoe Tavern

Since The Spoils, Nika Danilova – aka ZOLA JESUS – has been able to exercise the intricacies behind lo-fi, synths, classical tones, and experimental pop, casually stripping textures bare to tap into the artistic side of music. What makes her so unique is she does so to connect, not entertain. Such was the case for her recent Toronto set (January 22nd) where she took a typical indie-minded venue and turned it into her own installation – bringing her latest effort to life while proving her creativity is no fluke. ANGEL DERADOORIAN provided support and you can check out Julia Marcello’s stills above.

Zola Jesus’ fifth album Taiga is out now on Mute Records and you can watch her new video for “Hunger” (dir. by Allie Avital Tsypin) here.

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