Photos: Tycho at Danforth Music Hall

On Saturday (March 28th), TYCHO eclipsed his previous visits to Toronto by detailing how easy it is to lose yourself in his decade-long discography. For example, Scott Hansen and company never really missed a beat at the Danforth Music Hall – churning out drops of post-rock that intertwined with chillwave and the sort of instrumental narratives that smother your heart with memories. It was definitely a you-had-to-the-be-there kind of performance, but it never lacked an identity as Hansen resurrected Awake and Dive with a new found sense of charm, and even dusted off a few old ones (“PBS”, “Past Is Prologue”) just to tease. Photographer Hannah Jor was there and her stills are above.

Tycho’s fourth studio album Awake is available now on iTunes and the like via the folks at Ghostly International

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