Review: Nosaj Thing – “Fated”

Nosaj Thing - Fated

Rating: 7.5   May 5th   Innovative Leisure Find It: Official Store

Need a record for when the lights dim and the clothes come off? Nosaj Thing’s Fated is your new stereo ringer. Jason Chung’s third project under the pseudonym is a welcome addition to night scores because of a nude aesthetic that shifts gears when necessary. Rarely touching the three-minute mark, the L.A. product configures moods – exploring the erogenous zones of glitch-R&B (“Sci”, “Uv3”), jittery Harlem rap (“Varius”), and euphoric interpretations of how layering built Hail To The Thief (“Medic”). Whoarei and Chance The Rapper swish on the clear highlights (“Don’t Mind Me”, “Cold Stares”), but next to the subdued desires and greater evils, Chung holds his own with unassisted Snapchats of textural soul. It’s a plus that keeps Fated humble and way up, even when the intimacy is practically bottomless.

Listen: “Cold Stares”, “Uv3”, “Medic”, “Realize” || Watch: “Don’t Mind Me (ft. Whoarei)”

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