Photos: Kehlani, Pell at The Mod Club

It doesn’t matter how you spin it, flip it, or distort it – KEHLANI is an unmistakable talent. The Bay Area native has been shutting down cities across North America with her You Should Be Here tour and her sold-out headliner at The Mod Club on Friday (July 10th) was another sign of her… wait for it… greatness. It lacked surprise guests but it didn’t really need them as Kehlani put her mixtape on blast – uppercutting with hits, retro-ing out with dancers, and gut-checking anyone who still thinks “FWU” and “The Way” are overplayed (they’re not). New Orleans rapper PELL opened and photographer Hannah Jor was there to catch both of their sets (see above). Kehlani’s major label debut is out later this year via Tsunami Mob/Atlantic Records

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