Photos: People And Things (WayHome 2015)

Truth be told: Toronto’s festival scene is pretty on par with Game Of Thrones. No one’s really safe and winter is always coming, but in this case, you have to applaud Republic Live for making WAYHOME a success that’s full of potential. The three-day outdoor adventure recently took place in the township of Oro-Medonte (July 24th-26th) and it lived up to the “music and arts” tag – combining must-see performances with a plethora of bars, shops, sights, and abstract art. The festival also attracted a variety of concert-goers – from Toronto, Ottawa, Sudbury, and everywhere else – so with that, here’s Marie Rupolo’s gallery which provides a look at the weekend that was. Whether it’s the chic fashion or the candid moments, this is WayHome.

For all things live, check out our Part One + Part Two galleries and make sure to visit WayHome’s website for more news on their 2016 dates.

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