Photos: Wolf Alice at Adelaide Hall

Despite the Internet’s affinity for playlists, there’s nothing better than a WOLF ALICE show. On Saturday (October 3rd), Ellie Rowsell and company set up shop at Toronto’s Adelaide Hall and plunged straight into a blissed-out re-creation of My Love Is Cool – riffing through everything from “Your Love’s Whore” to “Bros” to “Giant Peach”. The foursome didn’t hesitate to break out their older material (“Blush”, “Storms”) and it paid a huge compliment to the gig’s bigger standouts (“Lisbon”, “You’re A Germ”) which, in all honesty, could absolutely floor a 3,000 cap venue. DRENGE opened with their own Undertow-heavy set (see “Running Wild”) and photographer Steve St. Jean was there to grab a few stills (see above).

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