Photos: Joywave at The Garrison

When it comes down to it, JOYWAVE are a “buzzy buzz band” that you need to see live to fully appreciate (and become infatuated with for days on end). The New Yorkers played a small one-off gig at The Garrison on Wednesday (October 7th) and despite their familiarity with Toronto, they exploded into a guitar-driven set that could have easily featured a Bill Murray cameo. Daniel Armbruster and co. swerved through How Do You… singles (“Destruction”, “Somebody New”), a Neil Young cover (“Don’t Let It Bring You Down”), and 2012’s Koda Vista, and the result was the perfect counter to Portland’s GRACE MITCHELL and her vet pop opener (see “Jitter”, “Broken Over You”). Check out our gallery above via photographer Seita Goto.

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