Photos: Purity Ring at Sound Academy

If you’re madly in love with the idea of losing yourself in a fit of electronic music, then PURITY RING are for you. Megan James and Corin Roddick recently did a one-off at Toronto’s Sound Academy (October 22nd) and turned the venue into their own personal bubble – complete with lucid colours, light-up drum orbs, and a transfixing set from Airick Woodhead’s DOLDRUMS. The duo’s chemistry never shied away from being ethereal or ferocious at times and solely because of their set’s material as they revisited bits of Shrines (“Belispeak”, “Lofticries”) while exposing every corner of Another Eternity. In other words, it’s fall and their records should be your go-to for when the stars come out. Check out our photos of the show above (via Matt Jumper).

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