Photos: Diet Cig Take On America

Diet Cig - Dylan Johnson

DIET CIG are destined to be rock stars. The alt pop duo – Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman – were an absolute marvel at CMJ 2015 this past month and it comes as no surprise as they “toured the heck out of America” in September, playing 24 gigs in 30 days. Since we’re fans, the twosome put together a mini gallery of their road trip and detailed the experience, which included sun burns, roller derbies, and Alex’s first mid-shred crowd surf. Check out their photos below and blast “Sleep Talk”.

Diet Cig’s Over Easy EP and Sleep Talk/Dinner Date 7″ are out now on Father/Daughter Records

Diet Cig - Seattle Gum

“The tour started in Seattle… it wasn’t as rainy as we thought it would be but we found an alleyway full of SO MUCH gum!!! Seattle… you are weird.”

Diet Cig - Portland Tutu

“We did a live session in Portland; I wore my fanciest party attire!”

Diet Cig - Roller Skates

“We finally made our way down to San Fran and I found a pair of roller skates in a thrift store. Just my size! We also got new t-shirts!  : ) “

Diet Cig - Janelane In LA

“We got to hang with Janelane at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles; they ruled. We all roller skated around and danced a TON.”

Diet Cig - Beach Day

“This is on Labour Day in Manhattan Beach in California. We got some serious sun burns.”

Diet Cig - San Diego Cliffs

“We spent the next day in La Jolla in San Diego, CA – here’s a photo of Noah at Sunset Cliffs!”

Diet Cig - Van Window

“Utah was cool until someone broke into our car in Salt Lake City… we didn’t lose much but this busted window sure was annoying.”

Diet Cig - Austin

“Noah was so happy to be in Austin as we got to see The Get Up Kids and The Hotelier before our gig. We got vegan tacos and our bodies were happy.  : )”

Diet Cig - New Orleans House

“New Orleans was so beautiful – all of the houses looked like something out of a movie. The color schemes ruled and we had the best dance party later that night.”

Diet Cig - Stickers In Florida

“Pit stop in Florida to pick up essentials: sparkly stickers and 1989.”

Diet Cig - Atlanta Barber

“We did a crazy cool session in Atlanta at a shiny barber shop. I was able to get my hair did while shredding… still felt pretty grimy though.”

Diet Cig - Chicago Crowd

“Chicago ruled!!! The crowd went all the way up on a Tuesday and we had a BLAST playing Subterranean with our new pals in Varsity.”

Diet Cig - Grand Rapids Beer

“Before playing Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, we got a tour of the place as it takes up an entire city block. That thing behind me is the biggest hop-smooshing-beer-maker-vat-of-goodness of its kind.”

Diet Cig - Grand Rapids Dogs

“The best part of tour is snuggling with other people’s pets.  : ) “

Diet Cig - Mahall's

“We played with Sheer Mag at Mahall’s in Lakewood, OH. We learned how to keep our own score in bowling and Noah got six strikes in a row! Lucky ball, I guess.”

Diet Cig - MidPoint Fest

“So this technically isn’t our photo (credit: Rachel Waters) but we had to show off my first shredding crowd surf ever!!! Midpoint Fest was so wild.”

Diet Cig - Boston Crowd

“The party was happening at Great Scott in Boston when we got to play with LVL UP and Ought. So many slick dance moves in that crowd!!!”

Diet Cig - PWR BTTM In New York

“This is a blurry pic from us sobbing backstage at the PWR BTTM show, our last one of the tour at Palisades back in New York. It was emotional and ecstatic and everything it should have been, and just an amazing end to a trip with all of our friends.​”

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